For a lighter future

Are you looking for innovative and economical solutions that make your products significantly lighter, increase yield and improve processing quality?

Do you want to further expand your competitiveness in the long term with a sustainable raw material?

Aeropor® – the lightweight aggregate

AEROPOR® is a purely mineral, largely closed-pored lightweight aggregate. In an innovative thermal manufacturing process, aluminosilicates of natural origin are gently and precisely expanded.

AEROPOR® Körnung 45 - 150um

10 convincing attributes

  1. Low density
  2. Low water absorption
  3. Pressure and shear force stable
  4. Natural/roundish grain shape
  5. Clean production process
  6. Temperature resistant up to 950° C
  7. Chemical resistent
  8. Inert and odourless
  9. Free flowing
  10. Neutral and purely mineral 

To more success with lightness

AEROPOR für bauchemische Zusätze
Construction chemicals 

e. g. tile adhesives
levelling compounds
joint fillers
sealing slurries

AEROPOR für Farben und Coatings
Building materials 

e. g. lightweight concrete
insulating bricks

AEROPOR für Putz und Mörtel
Paints and Coatings 

Suitable for permanent use in paste-like products due to closed-pore structure and vitrified surface. Possesses sufficient shear stability and can be processed with commercially available dissolvers.

e. g. colours
paste-like plaster
sealers and fillers

AEROPOR für Verbundwerkstoffe

Organic examples
epoxy resin

Inorganic examples
geopolymer metals

AEROPOR für Putz und Mörtel
Plaster and mortar 

e.g. base plaster
finishing plaster
restoration plaster
adhesive and reinforcing mortar
light masonry mortar

AEROPOR für Verbundwerkstoffe wie Platten und Formkörper
Panels and mouldings 

e.g. sandwich- and
acoustic panels

AEROPOR für Platten und Formkörper
High temperature products 

e.g. refractory concrete
insulation fill

AEROPOR für Sonderanwendungen
Special applications 

e. g. filtration

Production and quality

AEROPOR® has been produced near the Upper Franconian town of Bamberg under strict quality and emission guidelines since 2014 and is therefore 100% “Made in Germany”.

Dennert Group of Companies

The AEROPOR® GmbH is part of the Dennert Group. Founded in 1933 as a building materials trading company, the Dennert family business has since established itself as a market leader in the specialist manufacturer of products for advanced, fast and energy-efficient construction.

For more information – our Aeropor-brochure

Aeropor Brochure