AEROPOR® – Production and Quality

No fossil fuels such as gas or oil are used in the fully automated and computer-monitored production process. With our in-house specialist laboratory, we are also able to carry out all necessary quality testing and measurements.

Dennert Group of Companies

The AEROPOR® GmbH is part of the Dennert Group. Founded in 1933 as a building materials trading company, the Dennert family business has since established itself as a market leader in the specialist manufacturer of products for advanced, fast and energy-efficient construction.

Certified Quality

We meet the high standards in the areas of quality and energy management – this has been confirmed and certified by various testing bodies.

Aeropor Certificates

More Information – the AEROPOR® Brochure

Technical data as well as chemical composition can be found in our brochure.

Aeropor Brochure